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Pharmaceutical & Medical Startup Acceleration Program
Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s acceleration initiative for pharmaceutical and medical startups aims to encourage the establishment and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups. The initiative provides various forms of support for startups to tackle challenges and boost their businesses. The initiative aims to consequently help revitalize Tokyo’s economy and contribute to the healthy long lives of the citizens of Tokyo and Japan



We are looking for participants for the “Accelerator Program”.
Applicants will be screened and selected to participate in the program.


Entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish a startup in Tokyo and commercialize their technologies in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in pharmaceutical or medical business that have offices in Tokyo or intend to establish offices in Tokyo in the future (click here for the definition of SMEs )

Step1Download the Application Guide lines
& Application form

Step2Complete & Submit your application form
(Application acceptance for Accelerator Program is closed.)

Application period:
May 26, 2021 - July 14, 2021.

Accelerator Program

The “Accelerator Program” provides hands-on mentoring from experts.
If necessary, participants can get matching support with business companies or VCs and support for Team building, etc.
All participants have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to relevant investors,
corporations and R&D institutions in a Demo Day scheduled for March 2022.


The initiative support startups and researchers in the following four domains.

  • IconPharmaceuticals / Drug discoverySmall-molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines, drug delivery systems, raw materials for drug production.
  • IconMedical / DiagnosticsGene therapy, regenerative medicine (cells, cell culturing medium, reagents, etc.), immunotherapy, genetic diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, biomarkers.
  • IconDrug discovery supports / Other supporting servicesSynthesis/production services, analysis services, compound library screening, laboratory animal breeding and contracting services, CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), CRO (Contract Research Organization), SMO (Site Management Organization), pharmaceuticals research software and laboratory information systems, IT systems in pharmaceutical, computational drug discovery.
  • IconOthersOf smart cell industry, bioinformatics, digital technologies, and other such fields, those closely associated with the fields above, and those contributing to R&D in the fields above through peripheral technologies, etc.


Accelerator Program

  • Research and development supportResearch and development support
    Support for marketability survey
    or Intellectual property research.
  • MentoringMentoring
    Mentoring by experts from various fields.
    (pharmaceutical research, clinical trial design,
    marketing, intellectual property rights,
    business development, etc.)
  • Global PitchGlobal Pitch
    Hosting a global pitching event
    to overseas VCs and companies.
    (Mentoring is also scheduled)
  • Team BuildingTeam Building
    Supports for team building
    with management candidates.
  • Demo DayDemo Day
    Pitch Presentation Event (public) to relevant investors,
    corporations and R&D institutions.
  • MatchingMatching
    A wide range of support through matching with corporates,
    investors and other support organizations, etc.

* Programs offered to some selected participants.



The schedule is subject to change.
* Programs offered to some selected participants.

Seminar Program

A series of seminars will be held to introduce the various support measures and initiatives,
provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

coming soon


Mentoring by experts from various fields
(pharmaceutical research, clinical trial design, marketing,
intellectual property rights, business development, etc.)
(Accelerator Program)



Blockbuster TOKYO has supported over
50 entrepreneurs and teams since 2018.
(Accelerator Program)


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