Tomoko Ishikura 氏

Partner at Kicker Ventures

Tomoko is Partner at Kicker Ventures and Business Development Advisor to Nipro. Located in the SF Bay Area, Tomoko leads business development activities at Kicker Ventures in addition to fund management focusing on digital health investment. As Business Development Advisor, she supports Nipro’s due diligence process for a variety of global investment, acquisition and partnership opportunities.

Prior to joining Nipro and Kicker Ventures, Tomoko was Business Development Manager at Avantec Vascular, a U.S. subsidiary of Nipro. Prior to Avantec, Tomoko was a consultant for Axios International in France, and PwC’s PRTM and Aqumen Biopharmaceutical in Japan. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and MS in Medicine from Kyushu University. She is a member of INSEAD angels group and AIR of HealthTech Capital angels group.