Dahlia Weiss,phD

Senior Scientist and Group Leader Computational Modeling

Dahlia Weiss, Ph.D is a passionate drug designer, interested in applying Structure Based Design to challenging drug targets. Uniquely positioned to assimilate real-world understanding of biology and pharmacology with computational chemistry and virtual drug design, Dr Weiss is currently a scientist at Nurix Therapeutics in San Francisco, designing small molecule therapeutics that control protein fate through the Ubiquitin Proteasome System.

Previously, Dr Weiss worked as a scientist at Heptares Therapeutics UK (now Sosei Heptares), a world leader in Structure Based Drug Design for GPCR targets. As a postdoc in Brian Schoichet's group at University of California, San Francisco, Dr Weiss applied Virtual Screening to design selectivity for GPCR targets. Dr Weiss completed her doctoral studies at Stanford University in Michael Levitt's group.