• Those who are aiming to commercialize their technologies in the fields of pharmaceutical or medical by establishing a startup in the city of Tokyo.

  • Small to medium-sized enterprise who are engaged in pharmaceutical or medical business including those who have offices in the city of Tokyo or who intend to establish their offices in the city of Tokyo in the future (Definition of “small to medium-sized enterprise” can be found in here.)

Those who are interested in collaborating with eligible applicants above can participate in Seminar Program.


Application Guidelines for Blockbuster TOKYO

An Acceleration Initiative for Pharmaceutical and Medical Startups

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s acceleration initiative for pharmaceutical and medical startups encourages the creation and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing support to enable Founders and Management to address typical challenges startups encounter.

Beyond Next Ventures, Inc., commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to manage this initiative, is now calling applications for both a “Seminar Program” and an “Accelerator Program” as follows.


The “Seminar Program” hosts globally recognized entrepreneurs, investors and other luminaries in the pharmaceutical and medical field. These speakers will provide startups, researchers and attendees useful insights for commercialization of their innovations and technologies; specifically, how to start a business, the basics of business operations, startup style research and development (R&D) planning, fundraising, identifying and closing business partnerships, and other topics to accelerate commercial realization of innovation.

The “Accelerator Program” for selected startups and researchers provides hands-on mentoring from experts in drug discovery, intellectual property, marketing, and data utilization. In this program, teams will improve their business plans, funding strategies and will be matched with investors, potential collaborators, and management candidates. The program culminates in a Demo Day, where teams have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to relevant investors, corporations and R&D institutions that can enhance value creation and accelerate commercialization timelines.


Participants of the programs should meet all of the following requirements 1 – 9. In this initiative, “pharmaceutical and medical fields” refer to the following four business or research domains.

Pharmaceuticals/Drug discovery Small-molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines, drug delivery systems, raw materials for drug production
Drug discovery supports/Other supporting services Synthesis/production services, analysis services, compound library screening, laboratory animal breeding and contracting services, CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), CRO (Contract Research Organization), SMO (Site Management Organization), pharmaceuticals research software and laboratory information systems, IT systems in pharmaceutical, computational drug discovery
Medical/Diagnostics Gene therapy, regenerative medicine (cells, cell culturing medium, reagents, etc.), immunotherapy, genetic diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, biomarkers
Others Of smart cell industry, bioinformatics, digital technologies, and other such fields, those closely associated with the fields above, and those contributing to R&D in the fields above through peripheral technologies, etc.
1. Satisfies one of the following.
  1. (a). A party aiming to commercialize technologies, etc., in the pharmaceutical or medical fields by establishing a startup, etc., in Tokyo.
  2. (b). A small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) engaged in the pharmaceutical or medical business that has or intends to establish an office in Tokyo. (An SME as defined in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Basic Act. See the following link. (in Japanese) However, for Seminar Program, those who are interested in supporting parties fulfilling the conditions of either (a) or (b) above, are eligible to apply as well.
3. Is not in violation of any laws or ordinances, etc.
4. Has no delinquent taxes.
5. Is not in violation of the terms of any contracts made with public offices, etc.
6. Is not a corporation that has the possibility of threatening public safety or well-being.
7. Is not a corporation whose business objectives include political, religious, or election-related activities.
8. Is not an organized crime group (an organized crime group as stipulated in Article 2, item (ii) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Eliminating Organized Crime Groups (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance No. 54 of 2011; hereinafter referred to as Organized Crime Elimination Ordinance), and is a corporation or other organization that does not have an organized crime group member, etc. (an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group as stipulated in Article 2, item (iii) of the Organized Crime Elimination Ordinance, or someone associated with an organized crime group as stipulated in item (iv) of said Article) among its representative, executives, employees, and other members comprising the corporation or organization.
9. Does not have a business deemed inappropriate by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for participation in this initiative.


This initiative consists of the “Seminar Program,” which focuses on lectures and conference for participants to gain knowledge essential for launching or expanding pharmaceutical and medical startups, and the “Accelerator Program” for selected participants, which provides deeper, hands-on support.

Acceleration Initiative Participation Options
Option 1, Seminar Program only. 1 Seminar Program / Option 2, Seminar Program & Accelerator Program. 1 Seminar Program + 2 Accelerator Program

1. Seminar Program

Provides seminars and conferences focusing on the launch or growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups.

2. Accelerator Program
  1. Mentoring by experts from various fields based on individual needs (pharmaceutical research, clinical trial design, marketing, intellectual property rights, business development, overseas expansion, fundraising, launching, and developing a startup business, data utilization, etc.).
  2. Support for recruiting management candidates.
  3. Training to improve pitch materials, presentation and strategy.
  4. Access to shared laboratory/office (including laboratory instruments) free of charge.
  5. Matching support connecting with corporations, investors, and other organizations.
  6. R&D support.
  7. Hosting Demo Day, an open business presentation event.
  8. Other support tailored to the needs of the participant.


1. Seminar Program

Application period: Application is open throughout the year (Attendees are required to secure seat for each seminar as capacity may be limited)

Program period: April 2020 to March 2021 (about one seminar per month)

2. Accelerator Program

Application period: May 18, 2020 - July 17, 2020.

Deadline for the first round: June 26, 2020 (Friday)

Deadline for the second round: July 17, 2020 (Friday)

Program period: September 2020 - March 2021(matchings with mentors and management candidates will be in August 2020)


The program sessions will mainly be held in Tokyo (e.g., Nihonbashi area, Chuo-ku).

However, the programs will be broadcasted over the internet.


1. Seminar Program

About 100 seats available at the venue and no limitation for online streaming.

2. Accelerator Program

About 20 teams to be selected annually.


Participation in these programs is free of charge. However, expenses associated with program participation such as for accommodation, transportation and meals, and expenses for consumables arising from use of laboratory equipment in the shared lab, and other such expenses will be borne by the participant.


When applying for just the Seminar Program, please apply for each seminar. Information is available on the Blockbuster TOKYO website(

When applying for the Accelerator Program, please download the entry form from the website. Please complete the form, including information concerning the business concept, business plan, etc., and submit it to the program operator.


1. Seminar Program

All eligible applicants will be accepted. However, as seats for each seminar are limited, you need to apply to each seminar individually.

2. Accelerator Program

Document screening will be conducted and inquiries may be made by the program organizer as necessary.

Selection criteria:

  • Enthusiasm for developing a business
  • Social issues that can be solved by a technology
  • Scalability of the business
  • Uniqueness and feasibility of technology or business plan
  • Ambitious and attractive team


・Accelerator Program participants are required to take part in Demo Day (scheduled for March 2021) and attend practice sessions for the presentation during the program period.

・Participation in the programs is limited to individuals or team members who have registered for participation.

・Participants should engage in activities with the understanding that the range of support provided through this initiative is limited to that originally determined.

・As this is a program implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Accelerator Program participants must give their consent for disclosure of their company name and information such as company profile (or project outline) as necessary.

・Even after the conclusion of the program, participants should provide all possible cooperation for acceleration initiatives taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

・Accelerator Program participants must not disclose any confidential information of other participating teams that they learned through participation in the program. To participate in the program, participants are also required to submit a non-disclosure agreement form.

・Participants of the Accelerator Program should fully understand the purpose of this initiative and participate actively throughout the program period, and also cooperate in the operation of the program such as providing information and submitting necessary documents.


Beyond Next Ventures, Inc.
(Blockbuster TOKYO program operator)
Nihonbashi Murohon Building 1, 1-4-3 Nihonbashi-honcho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Japan

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