Pharmaceutical & Medical Startup Acceleration Program
Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Upcoming Events

  • We will host host Business Plan Presentation of Blockbuster TOKYO 2019


    【Date and time】2020年3月4日(水) 11:00~18:00 :March 4th, 2020, 11:00〜18:30 ※Include networking

    【Location】室町三井ホール&カンファレンス (中央区日本橋室町3丁目2−番1号 COREDO室町テラス 3階:Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference in Japan)

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  • 研修セミナー第9回を開催いたします。


    【Date and time】2020年2月6日(木) 17:00~20:00

    【Location】日本橋ライフサイエンスハブA会議室 (東京都中央区日本橋室町)

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About Blockbuster TOKYO

Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Blockbuster TOKYO” which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup.
The program aims to accelerate foundation and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing various supports.

Program content

This project consists of a “Seminar Program” that focuses on lectures for essential knowledge necessary for starting and expanding pharmaceutical or medical startups and a “Acceleration Program”, that provides more concrete support for its participants. If you wish to participate in the “Acceleration Program”, you are required to participate in the “Seminar Program” as well.

  • Lectures

  • Mentoring from experts from various fields based on individual needs (pharmaceutical research, clinical trial design, marketing, intellectual property, business development, overseas expansion, fundraising, establishment and growing of a venture business, data utilization, etc.)

  • Supports for team building with management candidates

  • A wide range of support through matching with corporates, investors and other support organizations, etc.

  • Free access to shared laboratory and office (including experimental equipment)

  • Research and development support

  • Pitch presentation opportunity abroad

  • Pitch Presentation Event (public)


  • Those who are aiming to commercialize their technologies in the fields of pharmaceutical or medical by establishing a startup in the city of Tokyo.

  • Small to medium-sized enterprise who are engaged in pharmaceutical or medical business including those who have offices in the city of Tokyo or who intend to establish their offices in the city of Tokyo in the future (Definition of “small to medium-sized enterprise” can be found in here.)

Those who are interested in collaborating with eligible applicants above can participate in Seminar Program.

Target business domains

  • Pharmaceuticals / Drug discovery:

    small-molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines, drug delivery systems, raw material of drug products

  • Drug discovery and Supporting services:

    synthesis/production services, analysis services, compound library screening services, experimental animal production services, CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), CRO (Contract Research Organization), SMO (Site Management Organization), pharmaceuticals research software, laboratory informational systems, drug discovery IT systems, computational drug discovery

  • Medical / Diagnostics:

    gene therapy, regenerative medicine (cells, cell culturing medium, reagents etc.), immunotherapy, genetic diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, biomarkers, etc.

  • Others:

    smart cell industry, bioinformatics, digitals technologies or other related studies and technologies contributing to research and development of fields mentioned above


  • 小泉 信一 氏

    Medicinal Creation Advisor(MCA) 代表社員


  • Dr. Devang Thakor

    Anioplex, LLC

    Devang Thakor runs Anioplex, LLC, a global strategy, business, and technical advisory in Silicon Valley serving startups, multinational corporations, venture capital firms, and universities. Previously, he developed gene therapy, stem cell, and biomaterial technologies and their applications to chronic pain and spinal cord injury at Kyoto University and Harvard Medical School, where his work was featured in leading journals such as PNAS, Biomaterials, and Molecular Therapy. Devang received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA and is currently studying law at Santa Clara University, where he expects to receive his J.D. in 2020.

  • 玄番 岳践 氏


    大阪大学大学院薬学研究科(薬理学)を修了後、塩野義製薬創薬研究所で循環器及び免疫・炎症疾患治療薬の開発に従事した後、アンジェスMGにおいて取締役創薬研究本部長として遺伝子治療薬及び核酸医薬品の開発を主導した。その間、ICH Gene Therapy Working Groupのメンバーとして遺伝子治療薬のガイドラインの作成に関わった。その後、キラルジェン(現WaVe Lifescience)等で研究開発及び事業開発に従事した後、薬事コンサルタントとして国内外のアカデミアやバイオベンチャーの医薬品開発戦略の立案や各国規制当局との交渉の支援を行い現在に至る。

  • 清泉 貴志 氏

    Kiyoizumi Advisory LLC
    Managing Director

    カリフォルニア州在住のエンジェル投資家・ライフサイエンスベンチャー起業家。慶應義塾大学医学部卒。ハーバード大学医学部外科フェローを経て、マサチューセッツ工科大学 (MIT) スローン経営大学院卒。医学博士(MD, PhD)および経営学修士(SM)。ボストンの医薬品ベンチャー企業にて事業開発・戦略企画担当の副社長を歴任し、2000年に田辺三菱ファルマのアメリカ法人であるTanabe Research Laboratories, USA の社長に就任。2001年には MediciNova, Inc. をスピンオフとして創立し、CEOを歴任。同社を2005年に株式上場する。以後、サンディエゴをベースとしてエンジェル投資家およびバイオベンチャーのボードメンバーとして活動している。

  • 三浦 麗理 氏

    1995年に三菱商事入社。米国三菱商事・米バイオベンチャーキャピタルBurrill & Companyに出向しバイオベンチャーの投資・事業開発業務を担当。帰国後は富士フイルムに出向、医薬品事業部にて新社設立等を担当。2014年に大鵬薬品入社後は経営戦略企画、グローバル経営管理、新規事業開発等を担当。英Durham University生物学科卒、東京大学大学院理学系研究科(分子発生学)修士、東京医科歯科大学大学院医療管理政策学(MMA)修士修了。

  • Tomoko Ishikura 氏

    Partner at Kicker Ventures

    Tomoko is Partner at Kicker Ventures and Business Development Advisor to Nipro. Located in the SF Bay Area, Tomoko leads business development activities at Kicker Ventures in addition to fund management focusing on digital health investment. As Business Development Advisor, she supports Nipro’s due diligence process for a variety of global investment, acquisition and partnership opportunities.

    Prior to joining Nipro and Kicker Ventures, Tomoko was Business Development Manager at Avantec Vascular, a U.S. subsidiary of Nipro. Prior to Avantec, Tomoko was a consultant for Axios International in France, and PwC’s PRTM and Aqumen Biopharmaceutical in Japan. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and MS in Medicine from Kyushu University. She is a member of INSEAD angels group and AIR of HealthTech Capital angels group.

  • Colin Lee Novick 氏

    Management Consulting,
    M&A Advisory

    After working as a management consultant at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Japan within the Financial Services Industry Group for 3 years, and at SMBC Nikko Securities as part of the M&A Strategy team (concentrating in pharmaceuticals) for just over 2 years, Novick founded CJ PARTNERS Inc. with Jason Sieger in November 2012.

  • Jason David Sieger 氏

    Management Consulting,
    M&A Advisory

    Sieger has over 7 years experience of providing management consulting and strategic M&A advisory services to top tier multinational companies as well as local mid-cap companies in Japan.

  • Tsutomu Akama 氏

    Joined Kyowa Hakko Kogyo (currently Kyowa Hakko Kirin) in 1989, Geron Corporation (Menlo Park, CA, USA) in 2001, and Anacor Pharmaceuticals (Palo Alto, CA, USA) in 2003. Engaged in medicinal chemistry research of small molecule drugs. At Anacor, performed boron-based drug discovery, contributed the development of Kerydin (topical onychomycosis agent), and identified Crisaborole that became the active pharmaceutical ingredient of novel topical non-steroidal atopic dermatitis agent, Eucrisa, which resulted in the $5.2B acquisition by Pfizer in 2016. Currently being an owner-chef of a small restaurant “A-POT(株)” in Kanda, Tokyo.
    Obtained M.S. from Tohoku Univ. (1989) and Ph.D. from Niigata Univ. (1998)

  • 松川 泰久 氏

    川崎市産業振興財団 文部科学省地域イノベーション・


  • Sadashi Suzuki


    Through 40-year business career, I have experiences in corporate management with foreign and domestic healthcare and life sciences business. At Kyowa Hakko, Baxter, Alcon, Affymetrix, Bio-Rad, and Cepheid, gained extensive experience in domestic and international market development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical diagnostic equipment reagents, research support tools. I have been in the US as expat for seven years from Kyowa Hakko. Graduated from Waseda University Law School, MBA from Northwestern University.

  • 秦 充洋 氏



  • 小南 欽一郎 氏

    テック & フィンストラテジー 株式会社
    代表取締役/CEO 理学博士/Ph.D.

    東京大学大学院 理学系研究科 博士課程修了(分子生物学)後、英国王立癌研究所(ICRF)にてポスドク、九州大学生体防御医学研究所・文部教官助手を経て、野村證券に入社。バイオ分野のIPO関連調査(バイオ企業1,700社以上調査、内500社以上訪問調査)、コンサルティング業務、ベンチャーキャピタル投資業務(12社 IPO済み/24社投資)を担当。文部科学省・JSTの研究成果展開事業の事業プロモーターを兼務し、バイオ・ロボットの他、 脳・宇宙等、最先端技術の事業化・起業を推進。その後みずほ証券を経て、テック&フィンストラテジー(株)を設立し独立。約30社のバイオ企業のIPO(株式上場)に関与。現在、ヘルステック・メドッテックを含むバイオベンチャーの上場支援コンサル、金融機関コンサルの他、ベンチャー数社のボードメンバーとして活躍中。

  • 大門 良仁 氏


    アステラス製薬において知財業務に従事し、米国駐在後はM&A及びアライアンスを複数担当。知財訴訟でも、卓越した薬事法務・知財戦略を武器に12 勝0 敗とビジネスに貢献し、100 億円超の利益を生み出す。近年は法務・知財戦略の観点からライフサイエンス系のStart-upを数多く支援する創業支援家として活動中。公的活動として、特許庁が主催する「IPAS(IP Acceleration program for Startups)」のメンター及び「医薬バイオ創業期ワーキンググループ」のWG長などを歴任。東北大学OI戦略機構 特任教授。

  • Caleb B. Bell III PhD

    Founder, Venture Partner & CEO
    G4S Capital & Ikigai Accelerator

    Caleb has started 6 businesses across diverse sectors including the entertainment, restaurant, drone and biotech industries. Together with six others, he cofounded G4S Capital and Ikigai Accelerator a venture capital and life science business Accelerator focused on connecting the Japanese and Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystems.

    His first interactions with life sciences in Japan was doing experiments at SPring-8 during his graduate studies. After leaving Stanford with his PhD, he founded Bell Biosystems, Inc. a synthetic biology company developing enabling tools for tracking and controlling cell therapies, where he served as CEO till early 2017.

    Caleb received a B.S. Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Pennsylvania State University, a Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from Stanford University and business training in Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Ignite Program.

  • 長江 敏男 氏

    Pharma Business Consultant, ペプチドリーム社外取締役、ヒューマン・メタボローム・テクノロジー社外取締役、岐阜薬科大学客員教授

    秘密保持契約CDAに基づき利益相反なく、内外資系製薬企業R&D/ライセンス候補品について、薬価を含む事業化戦略、事業価値評価GO/No-goなどを提案、ノーハウを共有(移転)中。In-houseおよびコンサルタントとして、研究開発品目プロジェクトチーム・メンバー、またはセカンドオピニオンとして、2019年迄に1st-in-Classを中心に100品目以上を実行分担、百戦錬磨続行中。日仏研究交流促進.製薬企業のライセンス導出導入、提携などによりWin-Win成果を計画合意したが、結果として機会損失に陥り、損害賠償を求めた事例について、同請求の妥当根拠、同損失額などを算定した。個別の事例に対して、欧州・米国・アジアパシフィックにおける各裁判に対して、Independent Expert Reports 提出した。当氏のミッションはWin-Winの実現。

  • 小林綾子 氏



  • 黒田 垂歩 氏

    LEO Pharma
    Director, LEO Science & Tech Hub Japan/Korea

    理化学研究所での基礎科学特別研究員、Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical Schoolでの留学(Human Frontier Science Program Long-Term Fellowshipを含む)、三重大学医学系研究科テニュアトラック助教からなるアカデミアの研究者としてのキャリアの後、グローバル製薬企業へ転向。バイエル薬品(株)オープンイノベーションセンターでアライアンスマネージャー/主幹研究員を約5年間務める。2019年に現職に移り、皮膚科疾患の革新的ソリューションの創出を目指す組織を東京をベースに始動させた。

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