Program and Schedule


Blockbuster Tokyo consists of a “Seminar Program” that focuses on lectures for essential knowledge necessary for starting and expanding pharmaceutical or medical startups and an “Acceleration Program”, that provides more concrete support for its participants.
Please choose the program that fits with your individual needs.

1. 研修プログラム


  • Lectures

Application period: Applications start from April 24, 2019 and open until March 2020. (However, participants need to register for each seminar and seats for each seminar is limited.)

Program period: May 2019 to end of March 2020 (about one seminar per month)

Capacity: ~100 seats

Application: please fill and submit the entry form.

2. Acceleration program

Available support

  • Lectures

  • Mentoring from experts from various fields based on individual needs (pharmaceutical research, clinical trial design, marketing, intellectual property, business development, overseas expansion, fundraising, establishment and growing of a venture business, data utilization, etc.)

  • Supports for team building with management candidates

  • A wide range of support through matching with corporates, investors and other support organizations, etc.

  • Free access to shared laboratory and office (including experimental equipment)

  • Research and development support

  • Pitch presentation opportunity abroad

  • Pitch Presentation Event (public)

・Applying to “Seminar Program”, “Acceleration Program”
If you wish to participate in the “Acceleration Program”, you are required to participate in the “Seminar Program” as well.

・Biotech Showcase event for the “Acceleration Program” participants
Successful applicants of selected teams that wish to participate in the Biotech Showcase in January 2020 in the United States will be sponsored for their expenses in participating the event (one person from each team).

・Support for research funding
Successful applicants may receive research funding to obtain necessary data.

・Access to the shared laboratory
Access to a part of the shared laboratory and office (Beyond BioLAB TOKYO) will be provided for free for a fixed period of time.


Deadline for the first round of application: June 28th 2019 (Friday)
Deadline for the second round of application: July 19th 2019 (Friday)

Program period: October 2019 ~ March 2020 (candidates matching with mentors scheduled during August ~ September 2019).

Capacity: 20 teams

In the case of applying to the Acceleration Program, please download the entry form (full version) from the website and submit it to our office, in addition to the entry form (simplified version).

Selection criteria:
・Having enthusiasm for commercialization
・Developing a technology that solves social issues
・Expecting a promising business opportunity
・Unique and practical technology or business plan
・Ambitious and capable team

Application for Blockbuster TOKYO 2019 is currently open!